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Discover. Build. Grow.

A place to Discover New Ideas, Build Friendships, and Grow into your True Self.

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Ignite Learning Lab was born out of a desire to provide children with the opportunity to learn via their passions.  As an alternative education setting, Ignite Learning Lab strives to cultivate and environment where children are free to explore, discover and create, all while learning valuable life skills such as perseverance, self-advocacy and leadership.

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About Us

Imagine. Create. Grow

One of the most damaging sentences we can use is 'It's always been done this way'.  This was the lesson that I learned most of all as we navigated COVID-19 and online school.  I was able to get a first hand glimpse at just how much the school environment is negatively impacting a large number of children.

So I did what I do best, I read books, did research and made plans.  More than two years later, I bring you Ignite Learning Lab!

The school with 'unschooling' at the forefront, where children are able to learn and grow in an environment that supports (and encourages) their unique quirks and interests.  Allowing our kids be be fully themselves helps them to build self-esteem, self-advocacy skills, and to cultivate deep passions for topics that can turn into lifelong careers.

If you, or your child had the opportunity to be fully themselves, and to move, play, create and explore with supportive adults to guide them when needed, what kind of impact would that have?  How many more happy, fulfilled, and positively contributing adults would we have in the future?

The future starts now.

Will you be part of the change?

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